Nazgul Gauntlets

These gauntlets were designed in Blender using an imported model of an arm scaled to my own size from a program that allows the specification of human measurements. The individual pieces were printed using PLA on a LulzBot TAZ 6. The pieces were then sewn onto a glove made of sham leather. Metal loops were fixed to the underside of the finger pieces to fasten them down.

Wrist Badge

This badge holder is created using a combination of textile work, 3D printing, and laser cutter for decoration. The wristband is patterned with an SVG design created in InkScape, and embossed onto leather using a laser cutter. The card holder piece was designed over several iterations, initially in AutoCAD, then transferred over to Blender, and printed on a TAZ 6 extruder printer. The final version was sewn onto the band.

Scale Model Frigate

This 50ft 1/60 scale model frigate was designed in blender, and printed on a LulzBot TAZ 6. Several printings were required to achieve a successful print. The railings and steering wheel were printed separately of a FormLabs resin printer, which has a better resolution. Wooden dowels were incorporated for the masts, which hold the main deck on the hull. Both the main deck and the upper level are designed to be removable. The very bottom of the ship is also removable for greater stability, as the ship is designed for a tabletop RPG prop.

Custom Battle Figurines

These 1/60 scale figurines were designed in Blender, and printed out on a FormLabs resin printer. The printing process involves a lengthy print cycle, followed by rinsing the models in a alcoholic solution to remove excess resin, and then a final hardening under UV light. Some details are too fine for the printer to handle, hence the rapiers on the War Forged are needles that are added afterwards. Multiple copies of each model are printed to account for failures.

Embroidery - Hand and Machine

The dragon dice bag was designed in the Embird embroidery software, using the Silver Dragon illustration from the D&D 3ed Monster Manual, and sewn using a embroidery machine. The wolf dice bag was designed in InkScape, and assembled using quilting techniques. The wolf itself was a picture of a real wolf, simplified in Photoshop Elements, then printed out and hand stitched over the quilting to create the final piece.

Motley Dress

This dress was designed on a personalized sewing dummy. The dummy was made from a body cast done in packing tape and lined with paper mache for structural support. The skirt is a custom design using quilting techniques.