Global Learning XPRIZE

In 2015 I was a founding member of Team Eureka Labs, a competitor in the Global Learning XPRIZE.

Our team consisted of 10 members, including software developers, artists, translators, and a teacher. My position was as product manager. I coordinated the efforts of the artists and translators to realize the content developed by our educator, and the efforts of the development team to build the platform on which the content was served.

I also helped to test the application with a group of grade 7 private school students, who used the application to develop small games which they then in turn tested out with the Kindergarten class at the same school.

Our team was one of the 31 teams to reach submission of the original 200 that signed up.

Team Eureka Labs Final Submission to XPRIZE

01 Mosaic by Eureka Labs.pdf